Is Sweden the right study destination for you?

Sweden is the right choice to satisfy your inner self and gain the added advantage of studying in a high-quality, flexible, and unconventional education system. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, the estimated number of Indian students studying in Sweden is 2,500 in 2022 and counting. Medcity Study Abroad could be your pathway to study in Sweden! 

With more than 50 universities, 7 of which are ranked in the top 300 worldwide, and more than 2,000 high-tech companies, Sweden is a center of cutting-edge research and technological advancement. The country ranks third globally in the Global Innovation Index and has produced over 40 Nobel laureates in various fields.

Study programs in Sweden allow students to do practical work alongside their studies. This first-hand experience helps students enter the job market. Additionally, internships at companies will provide a natural feel for the work environment. The Nordic country places more emphasis on group and independent study than lectures. Freedom and responsibility are key values ​​that support student development. Courses are taught in English. Sweden’s Universities are renowned for their cultural and social diversity. With proper guidance from the best study abroad consultant in Kerala, students can secure their spots in the best universities in Sweden.

Strengths of studying in Sweden

1)   High Quality, Unconventional Education

·        The Swedish education system ranks among the best in the world.

·     Sweden excels in master's programs in mathematics, engineering, medicine, physics, software engineering, urban planning, and political science.

·   The system emphasizes individualized education and focuses on your academic interest rather than grades. As a result, Swedish universities prepare students for future success.

·      Be innovative and responsive team players.

·   Flexible study programs that allow students to study and do practical work in addition.

·  Independent thinking and personal initiative are developed through Sweden's student-centered education system

·        Develop Academic skills and learn the skills needed to build an international career.

2)   Multicultural Environment & Thriving student life

Students are introduced into multicultural environments containing aspirants from all across the globe, which allows them to learn about every culture independently and also as a group.

3)   Affordable Tuition fees and low living expense

·  The average fee for a master’s program is USD 14,500/year. The bachelor’s programs are generally less expensive.

·        An average monthly student budget is about USD 900 per month

·        PhDs are free for any international student regardless of country of origin.

4)   Scholarships

·        Based on a student’s financial situation, nationality, and merit.

·        Helps cover tuition fees or living costs

5)   Part-time work allowed

·        No limit to the number of hours an international student can work for

6)   Post-Study work permit

·        Can apply to extend your residence permit to give yourself more time to look for work

·        To be applied within 6 months

·        Work anywhere within the European Union.

7)     Industry Partnerships

·  This collaboration helps prepare students for the modern workforce, giving them hands-on experience in engineering, technology, research, automation, robotics, energy, product development, sustainability, clinical trials, and drug development.

From academic to social life, Sweden owns everything that International students look into combined with a cultural openness and abundance of educational offerings to make Sweden a unique place for any study abroad adventure. Make your way to Sweden through the best study abroad agent in Kerala. Contact Medcity Study Abroad to get your profile assessed and get things moving fast so that you could study in Sweden!