LEARN the benefits of studying in CANADA!

Studying in a foreign country can open a wide variety of doors for you, especially in countries like Canada. The exposure you get to cultures and the quality of education lets a candidate stand out from the crowd and will possibly help you perform better in life. 

Find out what are the top things you need to keep in mind WHEN CHOOSING CANADA

benefits of studying in CANADA

For international students, relocating to a new country for years at a stretch to study can be quite challenging. Here are top things you need to know before studying in Canada.

Be mentally prepared:  Canada is a world of its own and everything is different there. Most international students would be lost at sea. The huge  range of culture, the education system, people, transportation, food, and weather will all be new to you and at times, difficult to adapt. However, remember that you are not alone and that there are other students there who are just as new to all of this as you are. Use them to get acquainted and get a boost at adapting.

The dual-language system: The govt. of Canada has prepared its country to support two official languages. French and English, are both accepted in federal and government institutions. While not all universities require you to learn french, if you find yourself studying anywhere near the Quebec area, there is a good chance you might be asked to provide proof of french literacy.

Higher PR possibilities: Applying for permanent residency (PR) in Canada becomes much more easier when you have a Canadian degree along with relevant Canadian work experience. SO do make full use of their facility when choosing to study in Canada.

The Weather: In Canada, the winters are unforgiving. With temprates dipping below freezing point, you will need proper gear to stay comfy. Water proof boots are a good idea along with winter coats, scarfs, hats and gloves.

Public Universities: Most universities are publicly funded and accredited, which means you will have the highest of standards in education as well as recognition all over the world. Also the cost of education is very much affordable in Canada when compared to many other countries. So you can directly go ahead and make the choice.

Choosing the right school: The universities are all top-class. But choosing the right one is always essential. Costs have to be cut and extra curricular activities are well in demand these days. So do enquire about all these.

Scholarships for international students: Internation education does not come cheap and often puts a dent on most bank accounts. Hence know the opportunities of financial funding before you get right to studying. 

Work part-time: Another important aspect is that a student is allowed a certain amount of working hours while he or she is studying. This can be a great way to compensate for some of the expenses. Also, after you are done studying, you can start working for a limited amount of time without a special work permit.

Opening a bank account: Choose the right bank in the host country and compare which ones provide the most benefits. That way, you will not need to worry about exchange rates and your money will be in safe hands. Check with the other students before opening an account as to who chose which bank and why. Bank account is mostly needed for opening a GIC account (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

Cut costs wherever possible: Maintaining adequate funds back at your home is very important before leaving for your studies. Always have backup funds in case of an emergency and avoid all kinds of luxuary. Get a full application fee wavier in certain collages so do check them up before applying and do all financial calculations  beforehand. 


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