Study in Poland with Low Fees


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Poland – A Unique Study Destination

Poland, a country that does not just host the biggest castle in the world, The Castle of the Teutonic Order, but also has some of the most diverse environments in Europe and Nobel Prize winning nationals, such as Madame Marie Curie, in a multitude of scientific and technological fields. But the wonders of Poland do not terminate with ginormous medieval constructs or prolific figures of history. The prime highlight of Poland from within or from outside perspective is definitely the education system that respects both national as well as international students.

The Polish Education System

The Polish education system is ranked fifth in Europe and tenth among the countries of the world, reflecting the first-class quality of education supplied to the general public. Higher education in Poland is free for Polish citizens, but that does not mean international students do not have benefits to reap when they set foot into Poland for academic advancement.

Benefits for International Students

International students usually have to allocate only very low tuition fees to study in Poland and their options are not limited to one, two or just a handful of areas of interests. Academic dreamers from across the globe can opt to take Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Engineering, Finance, Management, Architecture, Science, Law etc. thereby expanding the range of courses and enhancing the appeal of the prosperous nature of the country.

Poland vs. Other Countries

Compared to other European countries and international scholarly destinations, the tuition fees range between only 2000 and 4500 EUR per year (Rs. 1.4 lakhs to Rs. 3.15 Lakhs per year depending on the course). A Bachelor’s course duration could be 3 or 4 years depending on the course and a Master’s lasts a year or two. Polish universities conduct their course segments in the English language but IELTS is not a requirement that is mandatory unless specified by the entity to which the student applies. However, a strong handle of the English language and good communication skills are required and encouraged to thrive in the academic environment set by the Polish system.

What Makes Poland Different

On its way to becoming one of the strongest and safety countries to live in, Poland ranks 25th in the Global Peace Index report of 2022, and 17th of all European countries, alleviating the concerns of potential students that have their academic sights set on Poland, and their loved ones. 

Part-time Work Options

Students are permitted to work for up to 20 hours in a week. This automatically allows them to earn anywhere between 2 and 10 EUR per hour, which could help them meet a large percent of their monetary needs for everyday expenses.

Post-study Work and PR

Upon completion of the opted course, the students are provided with Post Study Work Permit for a year. During this time, they can openly search for work and secure a visa for the same. One can also apply for PR, granted that the individual under consideration meets certain requirements set by the Polish government.  All of these make Poland a wonderful destination that students can choose. 

So, are you ready to make your way to Poland?