Are you looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career path?

  • Foundations in Nursing & Health.
  • Develop Nursing Practices related to patient care for Acute & Short-term needs.
  • Develop Nursing Practices related to patient care for Long-Term & Complex Care needs.
  • Transitions to Professional Practice.

The best abroad study consultancy in Kerala is here to help you understand why Nursing is a great career choice for you. 

Why opt for Nursing in the UK?

Nursing courses in the UK provide the knowledge, values, and skills one needs for a career in healthcare. If you thrive on the unexpected and want to make a difference in people's lives, a nursing career is the most suitable for you. You gain:

Ø  International reputation/International Enrolment

Ø  Relevant Internships

Ø  Practice-based research across a broad core area of ​​transferable knowledge and skills

Ø  Acquiring critical analysis and problem-solving skills

Ø  A better understanding of how to manage, support and move forward health services and organisations

Ø  Gets to learn about the latest medical equipment and puts you at the cutting edge of medical practice.

Ø  Gain real-world experience

Ø  Work-while-study - students are allowed to work for 20 hours each week and work full-time during public holidays, gain experience and save money for the future.

Ø  NHS Benefits: Working with NHS (National Healthcare Service) in the UK will guarantee the below-mentioned benefits:

o   Long-term contract.

o   27 paid holidays.

o   Decent salary to start with i.e., 22,128 GBP.

o   Paid training.

o   37.5 hours of fixed standard weekly work hours.

Nursing degrees at UK universities also provide access to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities where you get to practice in a live simulated environment. The best overseas education consultant in Kerala can help you with the available nursing course options you are eligible to apply to and suggest the best universities.

Major Universities:

You can do BSc Nursing in the UK with or without IELTS

  1. University of Edinburgh - Bachelor of Nursing – Deadline: April 15, 2023

2.     University of Glasgow - Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing)Deadline: June 30                                (International students)

3.     University of Liverpool - Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing)Deadline: 14th July 2023

4.     King’s College London-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Adult)-Deadline: March 25, 2023

Cost of studying in the UK

Three types of expenses:

·       Pre-departure Cost

·       Tuition Fees

·       Cost of Living in the UK


The average cost of pursuing a BSc in Nursing in the UK ranges between 16,000-30,000 GBP which is equivalent to 14 to 27 lakhs for international students. International students may have to rely on private and government scholarship schemes and loans to aid their education.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student Visa & Valid passport
  • Acceptance letter from the chosen institution/university
  • Academic certificates from native country
  • Proof of English Language proficiency - IELTS score of 7, with no component receiving a score lower than 6.5. 
  • Proof of sufficient funds to afford yourself
  • Proof of International Student Health Insurance

Nursing careers

Ø  Average starting professional salary: £21,909

Ø Average starting non-professional salary: £16,380

·  Adult nurse

·  Children's nurse

·  Health play specialist

·  Health visitor

·  High-intensity therapist

·  Learning disability nurse

·  Mental health nurse

·  Midwife

·  Paramedic

·  Physician associate

About 94% of BSc Nursing graduates get employment within six months post-completion of the course.


To help ease the burden of high tuition fees, the UK scholarship or financial aid is extremely beneficial for international students. Most top universities offer scholarships for international students in the UK. Based on the university you are seeking admission to the eligible candidates are considered for scholarships and are mostly merit-based or need-based. You can get further information from a study abroad consultant in your town. A few of the scholarships are listed below:

·       Nursing educational awards

o   Support undergraduate education of students interested in becoming registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.

·       State Registered Nurse Aide Scholarship (SRNA)

o   Support individuals interested in obtaining a State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) Certification.


In order to receive aid to get quick access to the right information about courses, fees, duration, meals, accommodation, and visa requirements, contact the best study abroad consultant in Kerala. Medcity Study Abroad counsellors are trained in the craft of presenting accurate information and expertise to provide students with appropriate information about studying nursing in the UK. So, if you are an interested candidate, do get in touch with us and get the ball rolling with your applications!



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