Study in France

France is a country with world-class educational standards, where students from all parts of the world wish to study. The best universities in the major French cities such as the Capital city Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, etc. await the inflow of international students every year. Currently, the European country of France offers more than 500 programs in various fields. Even if students opt for courses that are conducted in English, they will have the opportunity to learn French during their studies. France is a European country where students can easily build a good career after their studies. With the assistance of the best study abroad consultant in Kerala, students can become part of France’s splendid academic communities to learn from and thrive in.

Particularly, those who seek management courses will find France’s academic environment very favourable to them as such courses hold great importance in French universities. Students that fly to France for undergraduate and postgraduate courses are given a Schengen visa which allows them to travel to 26 European countries. After their studies, students get a permit to stay back for up to two years, which grants them the opportunity to look for work. It is certain that by studying in France, students can secure a better education and a job. If you are a distant Francophile and your interests lie in academic advancements in France, contact Medcity Study Abroad to get accurate and complete information about the courses that are most suited for you.

Here are the top reasons why you should study in France:

➢ Great multicultural study experience

➢ The international reputation of their universities

➢ High academic standards adapted to the needs of the students

➢ Most classes are conducted in French, but there exists a good amount of courses taught in English

➢ Opportunity to advance their French language skills through rewarding social interactions.

➢ Top best Universities in the world offer some of the popular courses such as Business Management, History, Culinary, Data Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and many more.

➢ Home to the biggest and most flourishing global economies and has access to the entire European market. After graduating, international students can expect to find attractive employment opportunities in various business sectors while familiarizing themselves with the leading French and global companies operating in the country.

➢ Comparatively reasonable tuition fees. 

➢ Numerous scholarships are offered from both governmental and non-governmental organizations to international students. (You can get more information about the different scholarships available by contacting Medcity Study Abroad)

➢ Outstanding opportunities in research and development

➢ Part-time job opportunities for 964 hours per year or 20 hours a week and earn around €9.67 per hour and up to €7,900 per year.

Studying in France without IELTS

It is also possible to study in France without IELTS. You get to study in many public and private French universities without the English language proficiency test report. The plus point is that you can also be rewarded with a scholarship at universities in France without IELTS. There’s plenty more you could learn about studying in France, selecting your desired course and benefitting maximum in your academic and professional life. So, get your profile assessed by the best study abroad consultant to see what courses you are suited for in France. Contact your Medcity Study Abroad counsellor now or walk into any of the Medcity Study abroad offices. À bientôt!

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