Are you interested in studying abroad in Europe? Here is a list of some of the most commonly opted countries that you should definitely consider before making your final decision!


Finland’s illustrious education system presents over 500 Bachelor’s and Master’s courses to tens of thousands of international students in numerous distinctive destinations within the country. Universities in Finland also provide scholarship opportunities to qualified applicants with strong academic profiles. Finland is known as the happiest country in the world and has some of the most serene geographical marvels in the world.  


1.    Unique Education System
2.     Affordable Tuition Fees
3.     Equality and Freedom
4.     Standard of Living
5.     Part-time Work


Italy is a highly developed nation and the education system is unparalleled with golden benefits. Universities in Italy host international students from different lands and cultures. The most popular courses chosen by international students are in business, literature, fashion etc. Some of the most well-liked English-taught courses are offered in Italy. Italy is famous for its art, culture, food, and constructs that are centuries or even millennia old. 


1.     Top Universities
2.     Affordable Tuition Fees
3.     English-taught courses
4.     Exposure to Italian culture
5.     Part-time Work


International students wishing to study abroad and earn more academic distinctions can enrol in courses in Sweden that are taught by experts in their fields. Sweden is home to hundreds of universities offering a wide range of education opportunities. Every year, thousands of students apply to Swedish universities. International students often find themselves fascinated by the winter in Sweden and the surrounding scenery. 


1.     Affordable Tuition Fees
2.     Scholarships
3.     Low cost of living
4.     Part-time Work
5.     Quality of Life


When one thinks about France, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the Eiffel Tower. France is also host to some of the most prestigious and reputable universities in the world. The number of international students that travel to France is around half a million and from India alone, over 10000 students are expected to take up courses in the next two years. International students can no less thrive in France, taking in the splendid culture and modern artful settings. 


1.   Affordable Tuition Fees
2.     Quality of Education
3.     Strong Economy
4.     Host of International Corporations
5.     Exceptional Lifestyle

There are several other countries in Europe that get overlooked and passed on by candidates because they are unaware of the benefits that they offer. If you are looking for guidance on which country is the best fit for your next academic venture, acquire it from the best study-abroad consultant in Kerala. Contact Medcity Study Abroad now for a FREE Profile Assessment!

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